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About me: r0m4nticpunk: 29 years old, Professional, Straight Female View Profile
Looking for: Residence - SEARCHING FOR a Room Send a Message
Max rent: $600 per month
Move in date: Ready to move now!
Area: Lancaster PA 17603 and nearby areas
Last activity: 01/15/18
About me: Currently I don't do anything other then work for Hershey Park (as a ride operator) but within the next couple of weeks especially I'm looking to put in a Lot of hours. But I'm working on writing a book (and will hopefully be able to finish it by December and send it off to a publishing company) and am saving up for odds and ends to make wreaths and homemade crafts to sell on my etsy.com account and before the end of the summer season, I'm going to be transferring over to the Giant Center to work there. I'm very easygoing and laid back to the point it annoys some people, I'm outgoing and friendly, tend to be very sarcastic, most of my friends refer to me as the "girl next door type", with my guy friends I tend to Be "one of the guys", I get along better guys then girls, I'm a major bookworm (i will read almost anything you put in my hands) and a big movie buff, you can tell what mood i'm in by the color of my eyes, it takes a lot to piss me off and if you do it you'll regret it, i'ma major history buff, if you don't want my honest opinion dont ask for it, when saying something i dont always use tact lol, i tend to be very blunt & to the point, i can be your best friend or worst enemy, i'm an anime/manga geek, -some of my friends call me straight edge because I've never smoked/drank or done drugs and don't plan in it. Anything else you wanna know? Feel free to ask.
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